Terms & Conditions

  1. Event Organizer:

    This event is initiated by Huawei Terminal (Dongguan) Co., Ltd,.

    For any questions or concerns related to this promotion event, you can call the organization's customer service number: 80066600, or send us an email: support.mea@huawei.com.

    The purpose of this promotional event is to increase the visibility of the organizer's products and improve their sales.

  2. Promotion event area:

    This promotion is only valid in the UAE and on the website: https://shop.huawei.com/ae-en/ ("Huawei Official Online Shop").

  3. Event participants:

    This event is for guest or registration as a user on website https://shop.huawei.com/ae-en/ and is limited to personal account holders only, and subject to the acceptance of the Registration Terms and Privacy Policy.

    To participate in this Event as a registered user, participants must provide the following information: name, mobile number and email address.

  4. Rule of activities:

    During the Event, you can participate in the following activities:

    1. Benefits for new registered user:
      1. Only new registered users will be eligible for the benefits.
      2. On registration an email will be sent to user’s registered email ID within 24 hours of completing the registration, containing the introduction to the benefits.
      3. Coupon details:
        1. The cloud service gift package worth 790 USD will automatically be added to your APP gallery and this can be availed within 3 months from the date of receiving the email. This is on first come first serve basis.
        2. The 3-month HUAWEI Music Membership will be automatically added to your HUAWEI account.
        3. Coupon details :
          • 20 AED coupon for all categories,
          • 30 AED coupon for HUAWEI phones,
          • 20 AED coupon for wearables,
          • 30 AED coupon for tablets,
          • 100 AED coupon for purchase of over 4000 AED across all categories on shelf,
          • 50 AED coupon for HUAWEI Mate20 Series,
          • 50 AED coupon for HUAWEI nova 4,
          • 50 AED coupon for HUAWEI nova 3i.

      4. Coupons are valid till 31sth August 2019.
      5. Only one coupon can be used per order, multiple coupons cannot be redeemed.
      6. About HUAWEI Music VIP: 3 months VIP only for new users. New registered users should open the HUAWEI Music application and login your HUAWEI ID to subscribe HUAWEI Music VIP in HUAWEI Music personal account. Users need to agree and follow the rules of HUAWEI Music.
      7. About Gift package: The cloud service gift package worth $790 will automatically be added to user’s HUAWEI APP gallery. This is on first come first serve basis. The validity of packages are different, please check the validity in HUAWEI APP gallery,more details please follow the instructions from the gift page.
      8. About HUAWEI Points: Huawei Points can be used to purchase virtual goods and value-added service provide by Huawei consumer cloud services. The aforementioned apps may not be available in some countries or regions. Users need to agree and follow the rules of Huawei consumer cloud services.
      9. None of these gifts are transferable or can be exchanged for money.
      10. This offer is for limited quantity and users can avail this offer on first come first serve basis.
      11. Customers will have to furnish the e-mail at the stores for redeeming any gifts other than the coupons. Huawei will not be responsible if customer loses his/her confirmation email – no duplicate mail will be sent.
  5. Other considerations:
    1. Participants must abide by the terms and conditions of this Website and participation in the event means acceptance of all terms and conditions by Participant. Huawei reserves the right to review and cancel any participation under this Event in case of any suspicious or fraudulent activity by the participant.
    2. The Organizer will promote the event through the web and any other means it deems appropriate.
    3. Organizers, co-organizers, agents, promotion partners, advertising companies, distributors and other organizations that promote this event cannot participate in this event.