How to buy?

You can login with your registered ID and password. The flow chart will be as following:

1. Login

1.1 Login with your ID and password.

2. Select the Product

2.1 You can choose the product that you wish to purchase.

3. Buy

3.1 Please select the “color”, “Memory Size” and “quantity” you wish to buy, and then click "Buy Now

3.2 Either you can add to product to “Add to cart” and then checkout.

3.3 Or you could directly go for “Buy now”

4. Checkout

4.1 Fill in the address and contact number, select shipping and billing address and add the address.

4.2 Or use preexisting address and go for checkout.

5. Place order

5.1 Click on "Proceed to Checkout" once you are done shopping, or "Continue Shopping" if you so wish. Click on "Apply Coupons", if applicable, and Submit the order.

6. Make Payment

6.1 You can select the “payment method”. Review your order and click “Pay Now”

7. Successful Placed Order

7.1 After payment, the order will be successfully placed.

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