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Here are some frequently asked question by the Customers which can help you in understanding Huawei site better and it will help you in improving your experience.

My Account

How to register?

Go to the main page and click on register, enter all the details, and click on register

Do I need to use a valid email address to register Huawei account?

Yes, you are advised to use a valid email id during registration.

Can I log in via Facebook account?

Yes, you may log in via facebook account.

Can I use mobile phone number to register and login?

No, Please register and login via email.

Do I need to login to my account to purchase?

Yes, you need to login to your account to complete your purchase.

How to recover my password?

In case of forgetting your password, please click on "Forget password" button in order to retrieve or reset your password. You will then receive an email or text message for verification

Purchase & Order

What Is Huawei?

Huawei portal is an exclusive Huawei Brand Store, that operated by Huawei. It is an e-commerce platform that sells Huawei products nationwide. Huawei provides Huawei mobile phones, wireless Internet access devices, tablets and accessories.

Why Am I Failed To Submit My Order?

Failure in submitting an order may be caused by the following reasons:

a) Incomplete order information

b) Network delay

How Can I Know That There Is Stock Available?

You will see “Shop Now” or “Add to Cart”, if there is stock available. It show “Out of stock” and you will not be able to place order if there is no stock.

How To Make An Order?

Please refer to our Shopping Guide at http://shop.huawei.com/my/cmsContent?key=web_cms_shopping_guide .

Can I Call The Customer Service Hotline To Purchase? Can Buy Via Telephone Call?

Huawei is an e-commerce platform. Huawei do not support telephone purchase.

Can I Only Pay When Goods Arrived? Cash On Delivery?

Currently, Huawei do not apply this policy.

Can Huawei Deliver My Purchase To Overseas?

All Huawei purchases must be delivered within Malaysia only.

Can I Change My Email Or Contact Number After Registration?

Sorry to inform that you are not able to do so. Please contact our Customer Service.

What Should I Do If I Forget My Password?

You can click Forget password in order to get back or reset your password. You will receive a message from Huawei through mailbox or mobile phone for verification.

Can I Combine Several Orders That I Have Purchased?

Sorry, currently our system does not support this function. If you have not make payment, you are advice to cancel the order and re-submit a new order.

Can I De-Register An Account Using My Mailbox?

Sorry, currently account de-registration is not available.

Can I Request For Discount?

All products are sold according to price shown in Huawei website. There is no bargaining allowed.

How Can I View / Obtain My Order Number?

By log in to your Huawei account and click My Orders. It is at the top of the web page, you can see your order number display on the page.

How Can I Check My Order Status?

By log in to your Huawei account and click My Orders, select the order you want to view and click the order number, you can see your order status display by clicking at Order Details.

Can I Modify The Delivery Address After Payment?

Currently we do not have support this function .Kindly contact our Customer Service.


1.How can I make payment?

Currently payment can be made via:
-FPX, Financial Process Exchange (Bank Islam, CIMB Clicks, Hong Leong Connect, Maybank2u.com, PEeBank & RHB Now)
-Debit Card

2.What Do I Need To Make FPX Transaction?

You need to have an Internet Banking (E-Banking) account with your bank. For specific procedures, please consult your corresponding bank.

3.Does Huawei Set Any Maximum Transaction Limit?

Transaction limit are set by your corresponding bank. If you have any questions, you are advice to consult your corresponding bank.

4. Can I Make Separate Payment If The Amount Of Payment For An Order Exceeds The Payment Limit?

Payment for an order can only be made once. You are advisable to contact your corresponding bank to increase your maximum transaction limit.

5.If I Want To Cancel The Order After Payment, How Can I Get Refund?

Currently we do not support Refund policy.

6.Is The Freight Amount Displayed In An Invoice?

No, an invoice does not include the freight amount.

7. Can You Assist Me To Change The Information In The Invoice For Office Usage Or Any Others?

Sorry, invoice will only state the model, quantity and amount that you have purchased and cannot be changed.

8.Am I Entitled To The Warranty Service If I Lost My Invoice?

Don’t worry, you may provide the serial number attached on the machine to our after-sales service representative. They will be able to track in our system whether it is still within warranty period.

9.If One Order Includes Multiple Mobile Phones, Can The Invoice Be Generated Separately For Each Mobile Phone?

By default, there is only one invoice will generate for each order. We will not generate separately for each mobile phone.

10.I've Made A Bank Transfer And I Still Haven't Gotten My Confirmation Email?

You should receive your confirmation email within the same day. If you've not received the email, please call customer service at 1800-220086 from 9am to 9pm daily.

11.Who Do I Contact If I Have A Problem With My PayPal Account?

Unfortunately ,we are not in a postion to assist with paypal account problems.Please contact paypal customer services.

12. PayPal - Why Won’t My Payment Go Through?

Due to PayPal security model has prevented this payment from completing. PayPal is using complex statistical models to identify unusual or problematic transaction patterns. This is similar to the way many banks and credit card companies work

13. PayPal - I Want To Know The Specific Reasons Why It Was Stopped?

For your own security we are not given details as to why your payment did not complete. For more information, you can contact PayPal customer service +603-77237155

Operating Hours:

  1. From 8:00 MYT to 22:00 MYT from Monday to Friday
  2. From 9:00 MYT to 18:00 MYT from Saturday to Sunday


1. Who Is Our Appointed Delivery Partner?

City-Link has been appointed as our delivery partner. City-Link covers entire Peninsular Malaysia and certain location in East Malaysia.

2. How Can I Track My Order?

Kindly contact our Customer Service to obtain your delivery number. By using the delivery number, you may track your order on City-Link website, http://www.citylinkexpress.com/main.php

3. When Will I Receive My Purchase After Payment Is Made?

You will be able to receive your purchase within 3 working days for Peninsular Malaysia, and within 5 working days for East Malaysia. (Working days is according to Kuala Lumpur calendar and exclude local public holiday).

4. Is there any delivery charges incurred?

For purchase more than RM100, delivery charges will be waived (Free-of-Charge, FOC). For those less than RM100, delivery charges will be displayed underneath the "Shipping Method" when you perform check out on our website.

5. Where Are My Goods Shipped From?

Huawei goods are shipped from our warehouse in Malaysia.

6. Can I Choose The Delivery Time?

We are sorry that currently we are not able to support this option due to some limitation. However, you can communicate with our delivery partner for the best delivery time. They will do their best to support you.

7. Can My Order Be Delivered To An Office Address?

Sure. Please enter the address at Shipping Information upon checkout..

8. What Can I Do If My Items Haven’t Arrived Yet?

Kindly contact our Customer Service at or call us at 1800-220086 from All days(9am - 9pm).


1. Where can I get the locations of Huawei Authorized service centers?

You may visit https://consumer.huawei.com/my/support/service-center/. You are advice to call our after-sales service center before visiting.

2. How should I define the warranty period?

The warranty period starts from the date when you acknowledge receipt of the product.

3. Will there be any cost incurred on the after-sales maintenance if the product purchased is still under 1 year warranties?

The warranty period is 1 year (from the receipt date). You are entitled to complimentary maintenance services by Huawei's ASC provided the device is not being misused or abused.


Currently we do not support refunds.


1. For Huawei Series Product, How Is The Exchange Validity Period Calculated?

You can request for Exchange within 7 days upon receive the product.

2. Will There Be Any Freight Fee Incurred For Exchange?

Freight fee shall be borne by Huawei provided that the product meets our Exchange policy. Huawei reserve the right to charge customer on freight fee for unreasonable Return & Exchange.

3. How Long Will I Getting A Replacement Once My Exchange Application Is Approved?

You will receive the replacement product within 7 working days once the Return product reaches our warehouse (depending on stock availability).

4. What Items Do I Need To Send Back For Exchange? How About The Invoice And Giveaways?/p>

You need to return the defect product with its included accessories (original package). Invoice and giveaways are not required.

5. What If I Don't Like The Product That I Have Received And Prefer To Change For Another Model? Can I Ask For Changes?

Huawei only allows for exchange on the same model, specifications, and colour.

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