HUAWEI Screen Protection Service


Thank you for considering Huawei Care - Screen Protection Service ("Screen Protection"), we will endeavour to provide you with satisfactory service.

Before you proceed with the purchase of Screen Protection, please read through the Terms and Conditions stated herein, which describes the benefits that you will receive under Screen Protection.

By purchasing Screen Protection, you confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions herein: -

  1. Product name:HUAWEI Care – Screen Protection (“Screen Protection”)
  2. Product content:Under Screen Protection, during the period of twelve (12) months, starting from the date of purchase of Screen Protection (“Screen Protection Period”), we, Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. will provide your HUAWEI device with one (1) time screen replacement service for cracked display screen at the cost of labour fee only. The Screen Protection covers accidental damage to the display screen of device due to drops, falls and other collisions. Upon verification of the Customer’s claim and the validity of Screen Protection based on Huawei’s Support system, HUAWEI’s Authorized Service Center will replace the defective display screen with a non-defective screen.
  3. Product features:
    1. Nationwide repair service: Any Huawei Authorized Service Center in Malaysia can provide the screen replacement service.
    2. Original parts: 100% original parts
    3. Cost Saving: Pay only RM60 labour fee for one (1) time screen replacement service for cracked display screen during the Screen Protection Period.
  4. Out of the scope of the Huawei Care:
    1. Device is beyond the Screen Protection Period based on serial number of the device, and there is no valid maintenance certificate or that the maintenance certificate of the device is abnormal;
    2. The label attached to the device is damaged, such as the serial number label of the device is damaged or missing, the tamper-proof label is damaged or replaced privately, the waterproof label is damaged or discolored and etc.;
    3. The normal wear and tear, corrosion, oxidation, rust, deterioration and natural wear of the device;
    4. Defects in the appearance of the device, such as paint removal, scratches, fading, etc.
    5. Unauthorized disassembly, repair and modification (including hardware or system software modification) of the device without permission and authorization of Huawei;
    6. Failure to follow the instruction manual or connecting the device with non-Huawei accessories causing damage to the device or abnormal function;
    7. Failure or damage due to improper use (such as squeezing, liquid injection, etc.); or
    8. Failure or damage caused by force majeure (such as earthquake, fire, lightning strike, unstable voltage, etc.).
  5. Repurchase:

    If you did not purchase the Screen Protection during the purchase of your HUAWEI device, you can still purchase the Screen Protection for your HUAWEI device from a participating Huawei Authorized Service Center on the following conditions:

    1. within the sixty (60) days from the date of purchase of HUAWEI device;
    2. You shall provide the original proof of purchase of your HUAWEI device, such as the receipt of purchase to the participating HUAWEI Authorized Service Center for verification purposes, so as to determine whether your HUAWEI device is eligible for Screen Protection; and
    3. The participating HUAWEI Authorized Service Centers for the purpose of this Section 5 are as below:
    4. Customer Service Center Eco City Mall

      Customer Service Center Pavilion

      Customer Service Center Plaza Berjaya

      Customer Service Center Sunway Pyramid

      Customer Service Center Klang Parade

      Customer Service Center Seremban

      Customer Service Center Taman Molek

      Customer Service Center Taman Flora Utama

      Customer Service Center Brown Road

      Customer Service Center Ixora Hotel

      Customer Service Center De Garden

      Customer Service Center Lorong Haji Ahmad

      Customer Service Center Aman Central

      Customer Service Center Kota Kinabalu

      Customer Service Center Kuching

  6. No Transfer or revocation:
    1. The Screen Protection is not refundable or exchangeable under any other circumstances.
  7. Exemption from liability:

    To the fullest extent permitted by the laws in Malaysia, we are not responsible for:

    1. Any loss of your records or data during repair;
    2. Any indirect losses caused by product damage (including but not limited to personal injury, loss of income or profit, loss of reputation or reputation, mental loss, loss of breakdown time and any other indirect or incidental losses such as lost time).
  8. Termination of Service:

    Screen Protection will be terminated in any of the following situations:

    1. The Screen Protection Period has expired or when the one (1) time screen crack repair at cost of labour fee only has been claimed/used during the Screen Protection Period.
    2. If your HUAWEI device has been repaired outside Huawei Customer Service Center, which will be deemed as unauthorized disassembly, repair and modification of device without the permission and authorization of Huawei.
    3. If you are found to have intentionally damaged your HUAWEI device or its screen for fraudulent purposes, wherein we also reserve the right to pursue legal liabilities.
  9. Dispute resolution

    The terms and conditions herein shall be governed by Malaysian laws. If there are disputes in the implementation of the terms and conditions herein, the parties to the dispute may settle the dispute through friendly consultation. If the agreement is still not reached after friendly consultation, all parties agree to submit the dispute to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Malaysia.


  1. How do I query my service rights if I have purchased the Huawei Care - Screen Protection?

    You can query your service rights on the Huawei Consumer Official Website or Support App. Huawei Consumer Official Website: If you cannot find your serviceany rights, please call the Huawei Hotline for verification.

  2. Does the Screen Protection include repair labouor charge?

    No, the Screen Protection is excluding RM 60 labour charge.

  3. How can I claim for Huawei Care - Screen Protection if my device screen is damaged?

    Send the faulty device with a valid proof of purchase (including the invoice for the Huawei Care - Screen Protection service product) to any Huawei Customer Service Center for repair.
    The address of Huawei customer service center can be obtained from the Huawei Official Website, Support app, or Huawei Hotline 1800 22 0086.
    Huawei Official Website:

  4. Can I repair the screen and back cover at the same time after purchasing the Huawei Care - Screen Protection?

    Yes, if the screen and back cover of your device are cracked or broken at the same time, we will replace them at the same time. You can choose to replace only the back cover under Huawei Care - Screen Protection. Note however that you device will no longer be eligible for Huawei Care - Screen Protection if you have repaired either the screen or the back cover once during the Screen Protection Period.

  5. Can I still enjoy the warranty after I used the Huawei Care - Screen Protection to repair my phone?

    Yes, even after expiry/termination of Huawei Care - Screen Protection, the remaining standard warranty period of the device still applies. Note however, that if the device is found to have been disassembled, repaired, immersed in liquid, bent, or deformed, the standard warranty no longer apply.

  6. If I have purchased a Huawei Device, can I purchase the Huawei Care - Screen Protection separately?

    Within 60 days after receipt of your device from Huawei Store Online, you can still purchase the Huawei Care - Screen Protection for your device from Huawei Store Online, depending on availability of Huawei Care - Screen Protection for the model.

  7. How long is the validity period of the Huawei Care - Screen Protection? How to calculate?

    One (1) year from the date of purchase of the Huawei Care - Screen Protection (according to the date of official invoice).

  8. What proofs do I need to provide when using the Huawei Care - Screen Protection Screen Protection service to repair the broken screen?

    Please keep the purchase receipt of the Huawei Care - Screen Protection Screen Protection service properly.

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