Huawei P20 Pro (White) Pre Order Campaign

Update time:2019-05-08

“Huawei P20 Pro (White) Pre Order Campaign” Terms & Conditions:

1. This “Huawei P20 Pro (White) Pre Order Campaign” (“Campaign”) is organized by Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (“Huawei”). Customer is allowed to place an Order and purchase one (1) unit of Huawei P20 Pro (White) at the price for RM2949.00. For selected customers eligible under Astro Circle Program, they are allowed to place an Order and purchase one (1) unit of Huawei P20 Pro (White) at the price of RM2749.00 (subject to the terms and conditions for Astro Circle Program stated herein).

2.The terms and conditions for the “Astro Circle Program” are as follows:-

  1. Customer needs to be a member of Astro in order to stand eligible for this campaign.
  2. Customers need to visit Astro Circle redemption at .
  3. Customers needs to redeem the RM200 voucher via astro redemption portal with (200 Astro Circle points).
  4. RM200 coupon validity: 10th September 2018 to 5th October 2018.
  5. Once the customer redeems the 200 points then he will be given RM200 coupon through email by Astro which they can further use to purchase P20 Pro White on Huawei Official online store

3. Free Gifts with P20 Pro (White) Successful Purchase:-

  1. All participants are entitled to get one unit of Moonlight Selfie Stick, one P20 Series VIP Card and one RM150 Coupon after successfully purchasing the Huawei P20 Pro (White) product.
  2. RM150 Coupon only for accessories.
  3. RM150 coupon validity: 18th September 2018 to 5th October 2018.

4.This terms and conditions, terms of use, terms of purchase and privacy policy stated on our website (“Website”) will be construed as the terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) of this Campaign on which Huawei offers you (“Customer”) access to and use of the Website for the purposes of this Campaign.

5.By placing an order in this Campaign (“Order”) and with every purchase of a Huawei P20 Pro (White), the Customer will be entitled to free gifts comprises of one (1) unit of Moonlight Selfie Stick, one (1) P20 Series Huawei VIP Card and one (1) RM150 coupon, which is eligible to purchase accessories only (“Free Gifts”) . Free Gifts are subject to stock availability and available on a first come first serve basis while stock last.

6.This Campaign will commence from 10th September 2018, 12:00am (GMT +8) to 5th October 2018, 11:59pm (GMT +8) (“Campaign Period”). Huawei reserves the right to change the Campaign Period at any time without notice to Customer.

7.Huawei aims to deliver the P20 Pro (White) to the Customer at the shipping address stated by the customer after 18th September 2017. Notwithstanding the above, it usually takes a standard two (2) to three (3) working day for item delivered. Expected delivery dates are however indicative. Please be aware that occasionally actions beyond our control result in delays in delivery. For this reason, Huawei reserves the rights to extend the expected delivery dates.

8.All Customers are required to fill in their shipping address in order to complete the purchase.

9.This Campaign is open to all Malaysia citizens, aged 18 years old and above and possess a valid credit or debit card issued by a bank acceptable to Huawei to place an Order.

10.When placing an Order, the Customer must be a registered user on the Website and the Customer must follow the instructions on the Website as to how to make the Order and for making changes to the Customer’s prospective pre-order before the Customer submit it to the Website.

11.The Customer is to confirm the Order, and make full payment within four (4) hours after the Order is placed. Order(s) without full payment made shall be cancelled automatically. The Customer is not allowed to cancel the Order, once the Customer has successfully make full payment and confirmed the Order.

12.Huawei will make available five hundred (500) units of Huawei P20 Pro (White) for this Campaign. They stocks are subject to first come first served basis and while stocks last.

13.Only Customers that fulfill the Campaign requirements are eligible to participate in this Campaign. Any incomplete entries and/or Customer that fail to fulfill the Campaign requirements will automatically be disqualified from the Campaign without notice.

14.Item(s) color may vary from the illustrated photo(s), depending on the computer / devices screen resolutions.

15.The Customer agrees and provides consent to Huawei to the use of any personal data as provided by the Customer for the purpose of participation in this event in line with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, to the extent that any personal data provided shall only be processed and be used by Huawei for lawful purpose directly related to the running of this event including but not limited to the purposes of promotional events, advertising, marketing and any administrative matters to facilitate the management and organizing of this event. Notwithstanding the above, Customers are required to read, acknowledge and accept the Privacy Policy attached to Huawei.

16.By participating in this Campaign, Customers agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this event and Huawei’s decisions are final and binding. No correspondence or appeals will be entertained. Huawei reserves the right to the final and ultimate interpretation of this Campaign.

17.Huawei shall not be responsible for any losses or damages directly or indirectly incurred by any party including the Customer in connection or arising from acts or omissions or in any way related to this Campaign.

18.The Customer agrees to discharge and release Huawei from any liabilities and claims (including from breach of contract, tort, negligence or any other cause of actions at law or equity) arising out of or in any way connected to this Campaign.

19.The terms and conditions contained herein shall prevail over any inconsistent terms, conditions, provisions or representation contained in any other promotional or advertising materials for this Campaign.

20.Without prejudice to the foregoing:-

  1. save where otherwise prohibited by law, in no event shall Huawei be liable to any party including the Customer for any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental or punitive damages, including lost profits, howsoever remote even if such losses were foreseeable or if Huawei were advised of the possibility of such damages; and
  2. If Huawei are adjudicated by a local court of competent jurisdiction to be liable for any losses or damages arising out of or is in any way connected to this contest, Huawei’s total liability shall in no event exceed RM1,000.00.

21.This Campaign and the Terms and Conditions herein shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia. The courts of Malaysia shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle all disputes, controversies or claims arising out of or in connection with or in relation to this Campaign.

22.Huawei reserves all the rights at all times to modify or amend the Terms and Conditions of this event or to cancel it with immediate effect without giving any prior notice to any party.

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