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1. My Account

What can I have for creating an account?

There are many benefits you can enjoy, now and in the future:

  • Receive promotion vouchers for subscribers
  • Receive notifications about offers and promotions for products of interest
  • Track orders in My Account
  • Submit return/ replace request in My Account directly
  • Cancel a paid order in My Account directly

How do I register?

The easiest way is to click here


You must use a valid email address or phone number to complete your registration.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

You can click here to reset your password.


  • Click the "Login" icon on Huawei website,
  • Select "Forgot password?" or click “More” and go to “Security center” to reset your password.

How can I change my HUAWEI ID information?

When you register with your e-mail address:

  • Login, and go to“My Account”;
  • Click “Profile” icon under “My Account”;
  • Click “EDIT” under "MY INFO";

When you register with your phone number:

Option one:

  • Login and go to “My Account”;
  • Select "My Information";
  • Click “EDIT” under "MY INFO";

Option two:

  • Click the "Login" icon on Huawei website and select “More”;
  • Click “Change phone number”;
  • Click “EDIT” under "MY INFO";

Do I Have to create an account to make a purchase on Huawei?

No, you are more than welcome to use the “Guest Checkout” without any registration. If you do so, it's essential that the contact details are accurately completed. We use these details to send your order to you and contact you for any matters relating to your order.

2. Order & Purchase

Can I make a purchase by using Hotline/Live chat/Email?

We are only able to accept orders via the website or app.

How soon after placing the order must the payment be made?

All payments must be completed within 6 hours, otherwise the order will be canceled.

How do I know if an item is in stock?

When an item is in stock, the buttons of "BUY NOW" or "ADD TO CART" are available. If an item is out of stock, you will see “ OUT OF STOCK" instead. In this case, you can click “Notify me” to let you know when the item is available.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel a purchased product before it’s packaged. You can cancel the order after login to “My Account”, and complete cancellation under “My Order”.

If it’s Guest Order, please contact us to cancel for you via hotline or Online chat.

How can I track my order?


  • Log in your account and go to My Account, click Orders and select the order you want to track, then you will be able to see the order status in this order.

With a Guest Checkout user:

  • Click TRACK ORDER on the HUAWEI OFFICIAL ONLINE SHOP website and enter the details of your order, then you can VIEW ORDER STATUS.

Can I edit the order information (recipient, address, etc.) after payment?

You can't edit order information after payment. If you need to edit order information, please cancel or reject the order and then re-purchase.

Can I add another item to a placed order?

You are not able to add extra items to an already placed order, you would have to place a new order.

What kind of personal information do I have to provide when placing an order?

When placing an order you are required to enter the full name, valid address and contact details.

Where can I find my discount codes?

Go to “My Account” and click “Coupons”, you can find any discount codes there.

We often organize special events and reward for our customers. To avoid missing any offer, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

I placed an order for a multi-product bundle, but I haven't received all of the items. What should I do?

Please contact HUAWEI customer service within 24 hours for inquiries and it would be great help to send the proof accordingly to our service email for further support.

3. Payment & Financing


I have been double-charged for an order. How do I get my money back?

For any payment issues, please contact us.

Can I split the payment when my order’s price exceeds my bank account limit?

Payment per order can only be made once. We recommend you to contact your bank to discuss and resolve any account or transaction matters.

What should I do if I don’t receive an invoice?

Please check on the Huawei login page to ensure that your personal details are correct. Contact our support team to request for an invoice.

Can I change the invoice information?

We can’t modify any information on the current invoice for you.You need to cancel your order, and update your account detail such as: address, mobile, email, etc. We also do not support changing personal invoices to corporate invoices.

Note that we do not support changing personal invoices to corporate invoices.

If an order contains multiple items, can invoices be created for each item separately?

There is only one invoice for the entire order. We don’t create separate invoices for each item.

4. Shipping

When will my order be shipped out?

If the items are in stock, generally 1–2 working days after the order has been placed. We will inform you, if any items should be temporarily out of stock or need longer to be delivered.

What is the shipping fee?

Free delivery is available for all orders over SAR100.00. The shipping fee for orders less than SAR100.00 is SAR 12 (not including VAT). The shipping fee amount is displayed on the payment page and in the order confirmation email.

Who is the delivery partner?


Can I change the shipping address for my order?


I placed a bundle order, but I didn't receive all products. What should I do?

Please contact the support team immediately to handle this for you.

What do I do if goods are damaged during transport?

If the shipment shows signs of damage on arrival, we suggest you to refuse to consign.

If you have discovered the shipping damage after receiving the package, please contact support team within 7 days from the date you’ve received the package, also we recommend you to take photos for proof.

Where can my order be delivered?

Orders can be only delivered to a valid address in Saudi region

Can I pick up my order at Huawei service center?

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible.

Do I have to pay for the return/replace shipment?

If you want to return your product within 7 days from the date of consignment, please notice that we would offer pick-up service, so returning your product to us will be free of charge.

What should I do if my goods have been damaged in transit?

we recommend if you see any sign of damaged on the shipment from outside or shipment is opened (not sealed), please do not receive it and inform us about it through the Customer Service.If you discover the damage after acceptance, please contact HUAWEI customer service within 24 hours. We also recommend that you take photos of the damage as evidence, and send to our service email.

What should I do if I received wrong package?

If you found out the package is not belong to you after acceptance, please contact HUAWEI customer service within 24 hours. We also recommend that you take photos of the package and share us your correct order number via service email. We will deliver your package to you as fast as we can.

5. Returns & Cancellation

How long is the Return & Replacement period?

You have 7 days to notify us if you wish to return/replace a product. Generally, this starts on the day, which follows your acceptance of the delivery. Please check the Return Policy and Replacement Policy for more details.

There’s no Aramex team contacted me, what should I do?

Please contact the support team again, we will escalate this case for you. Sorry again for your inconvenience.

Can I return only parts of my order?

You can return parts of your order. But if you ordered a bundle or have received a gift with your order, you may have to return the complete bundle of gifts to receive your full refund. Please see our Return Policy or Replacement Policy for more details.

Can I replace my products?

You can replace your products when your products turn out to be faulty or sealed. Your products can only be replaced with the same type of products. See more details in Replacement Policy.

If you are within the first 7 days after you have received your orders and want to have a different type of product, we suggest you to return the products and get a refund, then place a new order for the products you expect.

What if I do not return the complete product (e.g. you do not return the accessories)?

If any items of a product are not returned, we will potentially deducted an appropriate amount from the refund. If you do not send back the complete items to us, you will have to bear shipping cost for the missing items.

When and how will I be refunded?

Please see the Refund details in our Return Policy.

What else should I do before packing the product when I return?

If you claimed defect devices, then please restore the phone to factory setting to ensure all personal data is removed.

This can be done by:

    Settings > All > Backup & reset > Factory data reset

      If your package is sealed, then no need for further action, wait for our logistic partner to pick it up for you.

      6. Warranty

      What should I do if I lost the warranty certificate?

      We base our commercial warranty status on the devices IMEI number, in case of a claim you will also be able to use the invoice as the basis for your warranty. Please see more details here.

      How can I define a warranty period?

      Please see our Warranty Policy for details.

      How do I find the service center?

      Please click here to find the service center with contact information and opening hours.

      How do I request the repair status of my product(s)?

      Contact the Huawei Support Team to receive information about the repair status of your product (s).

      How long does it take to repair a defective product?

      We will do our best to complete repairs. You can contact the service center for repair time.

      Are there any costs for repair under warranty if the device is repaired within the warranty period?

      Repairs carried out under commercial and legal guarantees are free of charge. Consult our Terms of Sale and our Warranty Statement for more information.

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